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Our Customers

At OS Suffolk we love working with a diverse range of businesses and have developed an amazing business community for all our customers. As we offer the same pricing structure to all our customers, no matter their size.  We actively encourage the businesses we work with to communicate with one another and offer advice to one another. We have a WhatsApp group where our customers can ask questions and benefit from the huge wealth of knowledge from fellow business owners or leaders.

We pride ourselves in excellent communication and also have a WhatsApp group for each indvidual customer so decisions and problems solving can be made quickly.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we could help your business

Below are some of the fantastic businesses we work with.

Dalia Botanique

Dalia Botanique makes skincare products designed to help repair, prevent and restore weather damaged skin. Made by people who love the outdoors.  British wildflowers, upcycled ingredients, vegan friendly.

Dalia Botanique Logo

Sweet Freedom

Sweet Freedom produces 100% natural fruit syrups, liquid chocoate, chocolate spread and barista syrups.  Always sweet, always natural.

Sweet Freedom Logo


Saucy products are vegan friendly gluten free chilli oils made by  London chef and writer Nina Parker.

Saucy Logo


Womersley is an independent family owned artisan maker of fine fruit vinegars and jams.

Womersley Logo

Cognitive Canine Company

Cognitive Canine Company specialises in creating monthly canine enrichment subscription boxes.  These include toys and games, healthy treats and chews.


Cognitive Canine Solution Logo